Chameleone’s wife Daniela Atim, Bebe Cool’s Zuena Pregnant….What A Bonking Festival!!

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What is happening to musicians couples  of late is a carnival dabbed..”bonking festival”...

What we can bring to you is..musicians are competing to see who knows how to play it better than the other… real ‘Gyayo Ntekeyo’.

Not long ago, we published that Fille is rumoured to be pregnant of Mc Kats.

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Some month back we brought you a story of Weasel's wife pregnant.

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Now news all around from sources nearer to the women that have swallowed live seeds…

Singer Jose Chameleone’s wife Daniela Atim is rumored expecting baby number 5! This comes at a perfect time as the couple just celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary in July. A source close to the couple has informed us that Daniela who is in her first trimester has been suffering from a bout of morning sickness but is nevertheless very excited to expand her family.

In the related news:

The Love you everyday singer Bebe Cool has already inserted “fertile soil” in Zuena  for a 4th child.

“Yes we are so delighted, Zuena is pregnant, although she wants to officially unveil her baby bump in a few weeks’ time, she is very excited and can’t stop talking about it. Even big size is so happy. Its so cool I tell you,” said a source.


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