I Will not Lose My Life to impress fans - Fille

I Will not Lose My Life to impress fans - Fille
Photo: Unknown 2020-02-12T06:31:08Z

Struggling musician Fille Mutoni is not ready to let anyone disturb her peace of mind. She says everyone deserves privacy and me time, to rethink and reflect on what is important in life.

She adds that she will not allow fans to take that from her.

“DEAR SUPER STAR!!!!! Don’t lose your Life,your Joy,Your Peace and all round your SANITY in the name of Impressing your Fans!!!! It’s okay to take time off and figure your life out!!! It’s okay to give it all a break before it Breaks You!!! It’s really okay to switch off the superStar mode,and just be YOU!!!! NOTE TO SELF,” she posted on her Instagram platform.

A number of fans say that Fille’s recent troubles originate from Mx Kats, who recently declared he was HIV positive.

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