Fans Attack Bobi Wine for being Stingy

Fans Attack Bobi Wine for being Stingy
Photo: Unknown 2020-02-11T05:18:25Z

Musician turned politician Bobi Wine is being attacked on social media for being greedy.

Fans say Bobi Wine has accumulated a lot of wealth from music, businesses and donors but he keeps everything to himself. He never shares with his fans and supporters.

This came after Bebe Cool gifted one of his managers a one Ronnie Mutabazi with a Mercedez Benz and his producer known as Ronnie Pro with a brand new Toyota Mark X.  Bebe Cool unveiled the gifts at his home in Kiwatule, a Kampala Suburb. 

 “Thank you Bebe. Atleast you share, you are not like the mean Bobi Wine, eeeh the man is stingy. With all that wealth from music, businesses, donors but people around him are very broke. That man is very greedy.,” a fan posted on famous Facebook group known as Mama Tendo. 

Ronnie Mutabazi has been part of Bebe Cool’s management for over 10 years and Producer Ronnie has produced some of Bebe Cool’s biggest hits like ‘Wire Wire’.

Last year, Bebe Cool gifted one of his right hand men Richard Kleberson with a brand new Toyota Alphard car.

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