Why Mc Kats Escaped From Rehab

Why Mc Kats Escaped From Rehab
Photo: Unknown 2020-01-22T06:18:44Z

Almost a week ago, celebrated TV presenter MC Kats was rounded up and sent to a rehabiltation centre by a group friends.

Days later, a video of Mc Kats trying to escape went viral on the internet. He found his way to Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s church in Nansana.

MC Kats is currently at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s home and says he might not leave soon because he is the only person he trusts.

When he was asked why he left the rehab, he outlined the following reasons.

Poor feeding: Mc Kats claims to have been fed on only posho, beans and rice throughout his stay.

Forced medication:  According to the self proclaimed King of the mic, he was forced to take ARVs from Mulago hospital. He was denied access to medicine he got from London hospital in UK.

Forcing him to sleep: According to Mc Kats, he was injected with sleeping pills that made him sleep against his will.

Branding him mad: MC Kats claims he cannot be treated like a mad man yet he is not.

Greed among friends and family: MC Kats claims his friends and family sent him to rehab  to get money on his behalf.

Denied access to family: The TV presenter claims his ties with family have totally been cut off. He further went ahead to claim that Fille was denied chance to meet him several times.

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