Ykee Benda Still Yearns for Martha Kay

Ykee Benda Still Yearns for Martha Kay
Photo: Unknown 2020-01-21T06:52:07Z

Wycliff Tugume commonly known as Ykee Benda has always had a crush on social media influencer and comedian Martha Kay.

He often expresses his  feelings for Martha. A few days ago, he tweeted that he wanted Martha Kay to be nearer to him all the time.

"Martha Kay this is the perfect time to make up. I want me and you to be in this video together as APASS watches on in his suit. Martha Kay you have two days to turn up the Vibe or not ," he tweeted.

Ykee Benda has been linked to a number of slay queens in town. He welcomed a baby boy last year.

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