Tina Teise Admits She Loves Whopper Game

Tina Teise Admits She Loves Whopper Game
Photo: Unknown 2020-01-09T07:30:49Z

Tina Teise is one of the most celebrated party girls in Kampala.

The NTV Login presenter has travelled around the world in the recent years but loves one thing, sex.

Through her Facebook page, she confessed that nothing beats sex in the world.

She posted, "What is your lucky number? Mine is 6! Born on the 6th not just 6th but the 6th day of every year, a 6th last born of 6, my future husband Paul Pogba plays a 6, my football team Man U always in 6th place, want to have 6 kids and if you replace letter “i” with “e” in the word Six, it’s the best thing in the world. Someone gifted me a customised 6th watch with Pink diamonds. What a thoughtful gift! Thank you!”

Despite loving sex, she is one of the ladies that have failed to legalise their bonking sessions.

She is linked to a number of dudes in Kampala including sangoma Eddie Cheune, Dj Slick Stuart , Magogo's driver among other things.

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