Profile: Meet Buchaman's Beautiful and Intelligent Wife

Profile: Meet Buchaman's Beautiful and Intelligent Wife
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For a long time, no woman loves Buchaman. If they loved him, it was only because they wanted to see him sing and make moves with his clutch, but not to date him. He was prompted to release a song called Lwaki Temumatira (Why don’t you like me?) directed at women.

He wondered whether it was because he was a lame. The song got reaction. It was a hit. He got fame (15 minutes) and women. And among them came Claire Nangajja.

Claire has only started coming to the fore of late since Buchaman was appointed presidential envoy. She is the First Lady in Butchaman’s ghetto.

Claire is a mother of four all kids sired with Butchaman. She crossed paths with the singer immediately after the song and fell in love.

She has lived with Butchaman for 13 solid years.

Claire studied psychology at USCI University in Malaysia. Before that she attended Trinity College Nabbingo and Kabojja Secondary School.

She was worked in a couple corporate offices and while Butchaman struggled financially, she was the support system.

Claire says she loves Buchaman unconditionally and that he is like any man. He has “work” that’s why they have been able to sire children.

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