Why Bebe Cool Snubbed Rema's Party

Why Bebe Cool Snubbed Rema's Party
Photo: Unknown 2019-11-17T08:25:33Z

Rema Namakula's former boss Bebe Cool is said to have been invited for her introduction ceremony on Thursday but he didn't show up.

His invitation letter was delivered a week ago although the invites surfaced on social media three months back  .

Bebe Cool interpreted this as a joke. He says, was supposed to receive the invite earlier for proper planning. 

When Rema left Gagamel Entertainment Family, Bebe Cool lost his cool. He blamed Rema of betraying him for Kenzo.

He claims he wanted to make Yemi Alade out of her but she let him down.

"My intentions were to make Yemi Alade out of Rema but she didn't value it," Bebe Cool was quoted on a local television Interview.

Bebe Cool also had an engagement with the Youth on Thursday in Gomba district.

"Today, i was invited as a guest of honor at the annual Youths Celebrations in Gomba district. I also lauched the Gomba Youth Entrepreneurship Sacco," he posted on his Facebook page.

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