Joseph Sabiti Finally Quits NBS For Top NGO Job

Joseph Sabiti Finally Quits NBS For Top NGO Job
Photo: Unknown 2019-10-21T07:20:19Z

Senior journalist Joseph Sabitti has finally quit the Kamwokya based NBS station for a top NGO job.  He has been appointed as the Spokesperson for Action Aid Uganda.

According to the latest information from NBS TV , Joseph Sabitti's contract was terminated after several meetings between him and the CEO of Next Media Kin Karisa.

He is leaving NBS TV with a big gap to fill in terms of political reporting as he has been one of the best reporters of politics at the station.

Joseph Sabitti will always be remembered for his coverage of the Arua saga where Bobi Wine together with many people power supporters were arrested by Army.

He has been the producer of the Frontline program which runs every Thursday of the week. He also hosted  the Big Talk Show on Next Radio every Saturday at 09:00pm.

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