Public Pressure Made me Quit Music - Nabbi Omukazi

Public Pressure Made me Quit Music - Nabbi Omukazi
Photo: Unknown 2019-10-12T10:12:54Z

Faded gospel singer Maggie Kayima a.k.a Nabbi Omukazi has revealed that she couldn't handle public scrutiny anymore, she decided to put music on hold. She needed to withdraw from the social scene for her peace of mind.

Nabbi Omukazi said the public had exerted to much pressure on her and she couldn't take it in.

"I took a break from music, the public wasn't giving me time to get a rest from the actions which were taking place at our Church, but I will be back soon. I am okay now but I first quit because of that pressure," Nabbi revealed.

Nabbi Omukazi said this while appearing on Spark TV for an exclusive Interview.

Nabbi Omukazi was a singer at Pastor Yiga's church.

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