Chameleone was my Boda Boda guy - Bebe Cool

Chameleone was my Boda Boda guy - Bebe Cool
Photo: Unknown 2019-06-28T02:22:51Z

Bebe Cool has revealed a top kept secret  we didn’t know about Chameleone. In a new interview, Bebe Cool spoke about his past revealing that Chameleone started his career as a boda man. 

“He was a great fan of mine, and he wanted to be like me. He made sure he knew my schedule so that he would take me home. He would wait for me to perform at a spot and then take me home,” he revealed.

Bebe Cool says he later left the country for Kenya where he spent about 4 years. 

Chameleone also joined him but this time not as a boda boda rider but to kick start his singing career.

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