Ggaba Endorses Chameleone For Mayoral Position 2021

Ggaba Endorses Chameleone For Mayoral Position 2021
Photo: Unknown 2019-05-08T07:07:32Z

A few weeks ago, Jose Chameleone confirmed that he was contesting  for the highest office at City Hall come 2021.

The 40 year old singer has since embarked on campaigns in different parts of Kampala like in Kawempe and Makindye where he was welcomed and endorsed to kick Erias Lukwago out of office.

In Ggaba, he was overwhelmed by their love.

“I take this chance to thank my people for carrying me this high and more so believing in me #JOSEPH,” Jose Chameleone posted on his social media platforms thanking the people of Ggaba for endorsing him.

He is expected to face stiff competition from incubent Erias Lukwago and fellow musician,  Irene Ntale, who has also  shown interest in joining the race.

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