Wilson Bugembe Attacks Troubled Pastor Aloysious Bugingo

Wilson Bugembe Attacks Troubled Pastor Aloysious Bugingo
Photo: Unknown 2019-05-04T07:30:53Z

Pastor Aloysious Bugingo is the froth on everyone’s lips since it emerged that his marriage had hit the rocks.

Bugingo walked out of his marital bed, allegedly because his wife, Teddy, and daughter, Doreen, were becoming a threat to him. He claims that they were forcing him to have the church registered under family without signatories from the church. Bugingo says his wife and daughter are greedy.

The wife denies the claims saying, Bugingo has fabricated everything  because he wants to marry another woman. Bugingo has been pressing his wife for divorce.

Asked to comment on the ongoing affairs, fellow pastor, Wilson Bugembe laughed and said, “It is unfortunate that this is happening to a man of God, but he (Bugingo) has always regarded himself as a referee in the world of pastors. He abuses others. People are now laughing at him. They are celebrating his misfortune because he pretended to be the righteous one.”

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