Sexual abuse: R. Kelly banned from Philadelphia city

Sexual abuse: R. Kelly banned from Philadelphia city
Photo: Unknown 2019-02-05T09:45:42Z

The Philadelphia City Council has unanimously passed a resolution to 'ban' singer R Kelly from the US city.

The 58-year-old Grammy winner has been mired in allegations of sexual abuse for many years and was the subject of a visceral documentary, Surviving R Kelly, earlier this month - prompting his record label to drop him.

While it is not an official ban, the resolution serves as “a public declaration” that the city "doesn’t welcome” him.

Speaking to the Philadelphia Inquirer, councilwoman Helen Gym, a co-sponsor of the resolution said: “I believe that R Kelly and predators like him should be shamed and banished from the public sphere.”

Despite being one of the most successful R&B artists in history, Kelly has been plagued by accusations of sexual misconduct since the 1990s.

In 2008, R Kelly stood trial on charges of making a sex tape with an under-age female but was found not guilty.

In July 2018, R Kelly released a 19-minute song called I Admit, which responded to the allegations.

The track admitted to infidelity but denied claims of paedophilia and non-consensual sex and came as a response to a #MuteRKelly campaign to limit his air-play.

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