Mc Kats Breaks Up With New Girlfriend

Mc Kats Breaks Up With New Girlfriend
Photo: Unknown 2019-02-01T06:02:09Z

It is not yet a month since MC Kats started staying with his new girlfriend, Eve Patricia but their relationship is already on the rocks.

A source tells Howwe that Patricia has walked out on MC Kats apparently because he can't get over Fille.

 Patricia is not happy that Mc Kats can't stop talking about Fille. He keeps lamenting about the things they went through together as a couple.

Mc Kats is said to be desperate to get back with Fille, albeit she criticised her for not cooking for him.

Fille and Mc Kats announced they had parted ways weeks back. Mc Kats immediately started showing off his new girlfriend , showering her with praises on social media.

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