GRASS TO GLORY: NTV Presenter Crysto Panda Cleaned Toilets For School Fees

GRASS TO GLORY: NTV Presenter Crysto Panda Cleaned Toilets For School Fees
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TV Star Kityamuweesi Herbert alias Crysto Panda recently opened up about his past life experience while appearing on NTV morning show, "Mwasuze Mutya" with Faridah Nakazibwe.

During the interview, he emotionally broke down on live television because of what he went through to become an award-winning television presenter.

Panda was raised by a single mother with nothing but love.

“My mother was my everything. She left me with my grandmother in the village and came to Kampala in search for a better life for us. I wanted to go to school but there was no school fees. While in Masaka, I used to walk long distances like from Kyengera to the city center to and from school and there is no job I didn’t do; from cleaning school toilets,  becoming a mason at construction sites, fetching water for people in the villages and doing other odd jobs,"Crysto Panda narrated.

While in A’level, Panda realised he had love for entertainment something that prompted him to be a part of NBS TV’s Youth Voice live audience where he realised he is better than the host then, Humphrey Nabimanya.

“I discovered I was better than Humphrey, but he had good English and I knew I had to practice harder. I begged the show’s producers for a chance but nobody gave me a chance ," Crysto Panda told Faridah Nakazibwe.

Panda also hinted on how it took him three years to get a job at NTV.

After getting the job, he spent an extra year on probation before getting a contract.

 "I think they were testing my patience because so many young people would have given up," he concluded.

Currently, Crysto Panda is a multi brand ambassador, recording artiste and award winning TV host of the biggest Teens TV show in Uganda, T- Nation.

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