Celebrities Who Will Have The Best Christmas

Celebrities Who Will Have The Best Christmas
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Christmas is a time of joy. A time for love and cheer. A time for making memories. To last throughout the year especially for a Christian family.

However, Howwe thinks the following celebrities have a reason to cheer more than the rest of us;-

-Andrew Kabura and Flavia

They made their relationship official this year with a low key Kuhingira. Flavia was scrapped off the list of unlucky in love and this Christmas she gets to enjoy it with a man. A man who has proved he loves.

Kabura on the other hand was a player, but we doubt whether he got a woman's cooking on Christmas. This one is going to be different.

-Bebe Cool and his family

Bebe Cool reportedly moved into his house which he has built for dog years. It is going to be the first Christmas he'll enjoy without worrying about rent for a coming month.

-Hellen Lukoma

Lukoma got a sponsor in her life. She was kwanjulad, and also gifted with a ride. She also flaunted a house claiming it is hers. We don't want spoil her dream, so let's just say she built a mansion and she'll enjoy the big day. Why not?

-Brenda Nanyonjo

Miss Uganda was sinking. Actually it had sunk. Brenda failed to balance it until Talent Africa came in to save the pageant. Last year, it did not happen and we all had written it off. Coming back this year, Quinn Abenakyo has brought pride to the pageant following her win at Miss World.

Brenda must be the happiest person this season.

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