Comedian Kapale Admitted In Hospital Over Excessive Alcohol Consumption.

Comedian Kapale Admitted In Hospital Over Excessive Alcohol Consumption.
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Comedian Kapale's health is worrying and he is currently admitted because of a diabetic attack believed to be caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.

News landing the howwe desk indicates that Kapale had been banned from consuming any alcoholic content by his doctors but deliberately continued enjoying his 'waragi' as he prefers to refer to alcohol.

While appearing on an interview with one of the local TV stations, Kapale confessed to being an addict who could not quit alcohol or follow the doctor's instructions. "Diabetes is my problem and I have been hesistant about it especially after feeling a little bit stronger to keep on drinking waragi. Little did I know that things were getting tough. Treatment things are funny because the thingss you love are same ones they ask you to quit and the ones you don't like are the ones they ask you to eat. At times, doctors fail to realise that is not easy to quit certain things people are addicted to". Kapale answered when asked what he had been diagonised with.

Also, a close source has clarified Kapale's habits of addictive consumption of alcohol. "He doesn't care about his life. He is always at Club Amnesia drinking".

Currently, Kapale is admitted at undisclosed hospital despite his life not extremely worrying.

We shall keep you posted.

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