Men Are Always Stalking Me — Bettinah Tianah

Men Are Always Stalking Me —  Bettinah Tianah
Photo: Unknown 2018-11-06T06:16:22Z

Style and Fashion presenter Bettinah Tianah says she is fade up of stalkers, they are making her life miserable.

She claims men are always in her DM on instagram, promising all sorts of luxuries.

While appearing on Galaxy FM morning show for an interview, the beauty queen said, "they come to my in box promising  me a better life. Offers to join some men in USA and also several marriage proposals."

Bettinah also said she quite Snapchat because there is no business for her on the video app.

"My fans have been asking me why am no longer on Snapchat. I deleted the app, I don't make money on the app,"she explained.

Bettinah will hold a meet and greet charity show  on the 10th of November at Sky Hotel in Naguru  to raise funds for smart girls Uganda.

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