I Don't Care About Jazmine - Ex Manager

I Don't Care About Jazmine - Ex Manager
Photo: Unknown 2018-11-01T08:33:48Z

Musician Lydia Jazmine recently parted ways with socialite  Kampala Robert, who had managed her for only few months. The two started working together after Jazmine split with her longtime manager Bushingtone.

She accuses Robert Kampala of not being  serious about music. It is said that he failed to inject money in her music career as he had earlier promised.

When we contacted Robert Kampala for a comment, he said, "I don't care about Lydia Jazmine" and walked away.

It seems there is still bad blood between the two.

Jazmine is now working with Dennis Muganzi, Kenzo's former driver. Jazmine was recently linked to Big Talent entertainment but Eddie Kenzo refuted the rumour.

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