Robin Kisti Turns Vixen

Robin Kisti Turns Vixen
Photo: Unknown 2018-10-02T09:56:45Z

Former Login presenter, Robin Kisti has turned into a video vixen for survival. Howwe has been informed that Kisti will feature in Ronald Maro's new music video for the song, "Anjagala" which was shot in the U.S.  Maro, who is in the states for a music tour, hired Kisti to appear in his video.

Howwe has seen pictures of Kisti and Maro on set and she looks utterly happy to play part.

In one picture, she circles her hand around Maro's neck while staring at his  netter area. The two visibly had some fantastic chemistry on set.

Maro has recently been a tabloid fodder over his faltering relationship with his mzungu girlfriend. The self-proclaimed RnB Kyabazinga is not allowing his love woes to slow down his musical strides.

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