Singer Mathias Walukaga Reportedly gets LOST in London... How Sad!

Photo: Unknown 2014-08-30T20:32:24Z

After watching Arsenal play at Emirates, musician Mathias Walukaga who is in London with the prime minister of Buganda Charles spent the night on the streets of London admiring cars. He almost got lost in town.

Mathias who is also known as Ever Smart couldn’t sleep on his first night in London as he spent the whole time admiring cars and wishing he was the one driving them from his home area in Masaka to Kampala.

According to one of the people that traveled with the Kadongo Kamu singer, Mathias kept taking photos on people’s cars and positing them on his newly opened Facebook account.

“I don’t know why he did this, but I suspect he wants to make sure people believe him when he says that he was in London,” said the source.

Mathias is in London as a part of the London UK Convention. The function is sponsored by Radio connect and friends of Buganda in the United Kingdom. Walukaga will stage a show in Manchester on the 6th of September.

Credit : Bigeye

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