Dembe FM Presenter Turns Abusing Pallaso On Radio Into A JOB, ... He Gets Paid For It.

Photo: Unknown 2014-08-24T05:04:40Z

A Dembe FM presenter only identified as 'Kasuku' has turned the radio station into an imoral and abusive media house. He is reportedly said to have turned abusing dancehall/afro-beat singer Pallaso into a job ... and is gettting paid for it.

Kasuku, who presents his 'Talk and Talk' show every Saturday has for the past 2 months, as reported, been throwing insults at the singer, using abusive language and ruining his public image.

We have recieved further reports that this guy is trying to mimic TV gossip goddess 'Mary Luswata' of Scoop on Scoop on Urban TV ... well, that explains his name 'Kasuku (meaning Parrot)' ... copycat who does not understand the words or acts being imitated, at all.

Pallaso, a few minutes back, posted his reaction on his facebook fan page ... check it out!

Concerned fans have approached me on various ocassions telling me that some guy named Kasuku of dembe fm has for two months now made it a daily habbit to verbally throw insulting remarks at me on a respected national radio !! I honestly dont know this guy and the truth is I dont care...If thats what he has to do to put food on his kids plates then I cant even be mad at him...Every body does what they have to do for their kids to dine !! 

If verbally insulting me drags listeners to his programm then I guess thats the right thing to do !!! But if he honestly gains nothing out of it then his life is such a shame !!! But I still refuse to back down for people that hate me for as long as I still got the ones that love me around !! #####Stand4Pallaso — Pallaso continued

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