Cindy Tells Bebe Cool, "You Are Shallow"

Cindy Tells Bebe Cool,
Photo: Unknown 2018-01-20T07:21:14Z

In a recorded phone call between singer Cindy and Galaxy Fm's Jonathan Nalebo, she opens up on Bebe Cool's list of the best entertainers of 2017 and Save Ug Music Campaign.

Cindy criticizes the criteria Bebe Cool used to select the best entertainers. She says she is ok with the list since it was an opinion of a shallow minded person.

"I couldn't do anything about it  like Apass and Radio & Weasel."

She also shed some light on Save Ug Music campaign.

Bebe Cool was quoted saying, "artistes must pay deejays to play their music."

And Cindy thinks   Bebe Cool is trying to take advantage of upcoming artistes who don't have money to pay DJs.

"Bebe Cool who has been in the music industry for over 25years has made a lot of money and wants to take advantage of the talented upcoming artistes who can't afford to pay deejays to play their good music."

Despite all the fuming, Cindy claims she no beef with Bebe Cool.

The "Run This City" hitmaker further talks about the song she recorded with Bebe Cool that is still in the studio and yet to be released. We can't wait for the duet.

 We shall keep you posted.

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