Un-veiling the man behind Bayuda, Nyambura and Katupakase HITS

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You all know the run-away hits of Jose Chameleone and Goodlyfe by the above mentioned titles. But what you didn’t know was that these songs were not original compositions of either of the former beef-brothers and crews.

We were able to discover the true song writer and composer of these three monstrous hits in the ghettos of Old Kampala. For the very first time, we reveal the true identity of Juma Mbogo alias Lucky J who wrote each of these songs while still a member of Leone Island and the Goodlyfe crew.

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Little or no credit has ever been given to him or the equivalent of the little money paid to him for each of the songs the titans performed and collected hefty concert fees from. Note this; it’s the Katupakase album launch in 2007, which started the trend of 3 in 1 concerts.

At the centre of all this is not Juma Mbogo, it is actually Jeff Kiwanuka who orchestrated the buy and sell of his music, it clearly shows the astuteness and shrewdness of the Team No sleep manager.  We shall keep you posted with more developments.

But for now, Juma Mbogo alias Lucky J doesn’t seem as lucky as his name suggests.

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