Sharon O Dumps Ronnie For Rwandese Married Man

Sharon O Dumps Ronnie For Rwandese Married Man
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Faded singer Sharon is at it again. Her marriage with Ronnie Mulindwa is soon off.  She is in love again with another man not her husband but a stranger called Karl. 

Karl is a Rwandese by nationality.  She has even made him her manager to revive her fallen Music Career. Karl is married with two children in Rwanda. He has made a habit of sneaking into UG, just to have a piece of Sharon. 

Further information is that he is the one who injected dimes in her once fallen Ice bar in Naalya. The bar is back at its peak. These days it is so rare to not find Karl without Sharon at any given day. 

We put it to Sharon for an explanation who Karl is, and if her boyfriend Ronnie Mulindwa knows about their closeness. She ranted and warned us off her private matters

 “I am actually here with him, stop wasting my time and leave my private life alone,” Sharon said in a brief chat.

Those who closely know Sharon O, they say she is a go-getter. A  few years back, she had a bust-up with Zari over Ivan Semwanga. 

Ivan made a public announcement when he put up 20 million shilling for whoever gets him Sharon’s number. That was after she represented Uganda in the Big brother house and had separated with Zari. It is believed Ivan got the number and the two had a short time romance. Sharon denied the allegations but refused to defend herself

We will keep you posted

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