Shocking!!! Why Malaika Nnyazi Was Fired From Urban TV

Shocking!!! Why Malaika Nnyazi Was Fired From Urban TV
Photo: Unknown 2017-01-05T09:58:23Z

Shocking details have emerged as to why the sexy former Urban TV Morning show presenter left the station mysteriously. 

Few weeks after her departure, she laboured to explain her exit. She told whoever crossed her path that she resigned after the station failed to meet her standards and contract needs. 

The producer of the show has finally revealed to the world what exactly happened. Through our snoop, the producer clearly stated that Malaika Nnyazi had started to lose it and the show was slowly going down. 

Here is what they told our snoop

She was no longer the sexy girl the station hired and there was nothing much she could offer. The put the last nail in the coffin for her, she was ordered to start reporting for duty as early as 5 am and do all the necessary preparations. She asked for transport facilitation since she couldn’t manage to reach that early alone. The management refused. But it was a trick to fire her. When she put up a resistance, she was ordered to leave. She asked to handle over in January something, her boss Bushbaby never accepted. She was asked to hand in the company ID and never appear at the vision group based TV station.

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