Late Angume’s Wife Parades New A Man

Late Angume’s Wife Parades New A Man
Photo: Bukedde Online 2017-01-04T09:41:36Z

Last week, pictures leaked were late Angume’s wife was enjoying herself with her new man. It is alleged he was the one behind her birthday celebrations.

Isa Furah as he is commonly known was also pictured feeding Julie and later had a good time with all bed intentions written all over his face.

People who know Isa have revealed shocking details about Isa. He is a smart street man. He was once in Iraq and later returned to Uganda. He has unnumbered wives and he is one who marries and dumps. 

He has some money on him but with his alleged record, we doubt if he will stay long with Julie. 

Our sources have learned he met Julie through Ronald Mayinja and actually Mayinja first warned Julie when he saw their relationship was to another level. 

More so his source of income is not well known but he is fond of having lots of money. Angume died a few years back and left Julie with a child.

 She later joined the music industry.

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