Bobi Wine Constructs pit latrines in Soroti district

Bobi Wine Constructs pit latrines in Soroti district
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Musician Bobi Wine and wife Barbie Kyagulanyi have constructed five pit latrines in Soroti district.

The latrines, together with washrooms for girls were constructed at Majengo Primary School and Erimu’s College in western division of Soroti Municipality. The move is aimed of keeping girls in school.

“I have always come here to entertain you but this time round we have come here to tackle a problem which we should not just dance about but act about,” Bobi Wine said at the commissioning of the newly constructed latrines in the respective schools recently.

With support from Caring Hearts Uganda, a Non- Governmental Organisation, Kyagulanyi said they were touched by the appalling state of the pit latrines which were being shared by boys and girls with no shooters.

Kyagulanyi is the patron of Caring Hearts Uganda whose goal is to touch lives and transform communities across the country mean while his wife Barbie Itungo is the managing director.

He said Caring Heart Uganda is not a group of rich people but what motivates them to give back to communities is the love and care for one another.

Itungo said they are a group young Ugandans who believe that they can share the little they have.

She said in life everything is possible and urged parents to not always wait for people from Kampala because as parents they can make a difference in their communities using minimal resources.

She urged parents to follow up on the skills which have been imparted to their children to ensure sustainability.

Children were also taught how to make their own re-usable sanitary pads to facilitate the girl child during that time of the month.

“Our children are now able to make reusable sanitary towels and your responsibility as parents is to guide them to ensure that children keep the pads clean and being used,” Itungo said.

She urged parents to watch over their girl children and prevent teenage pregnancies. She cautioned them against early marriages.

The head teacher of Majengo Primary school, Bernard Ogolot lauded the couple for being kind hearted and sharing.

 “Since the roof of the two pit latrines meant for boys and girls was blown off by heavy storm in 2011 the Soroti Municipal Council leaders had given a blind eye to the plight of the school,” Ogolot said

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