New Info Emerges About Prof. Gilbert Bukenya's Strippers!

New Info Emerges About Prof. Gilbert Bukenya's Strippers!
Photo: Unknown 2016-12-19T10:04:02Z

Social media was a washed with sexy pictures of former vice president Gilbert Bukenya surrounded by women. Other people claimed the big man’s birthday and he chose to pay for fun. Another section claims that it was just a house party Bukenya organised again for fun. 

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Compiling all the allegations, we have finally landed on the girl behind all this. She is called Judith. Judith is a man eater. Here is what we were told about Judith by a snitch:

She approached the vice president and sold him the idea. It took her only two weeks for the big man to approve. She went to Jackie O, Sharon O and Leila Kayondo for help. 

They pledged to offer any help as long as they get money. She has dated most prominent people in the country very quietly. She is so ruthless like that and go-getter. She has one child but no one knows the father of that child. She does nothing but looks for opportunities where she lures rich men for girls.


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