Exposed! Gaetano’s Apparent Sexual Network

Exposed! Gaetano’s Apparent Sexual Network
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Gaetano’s former close friend, who begged us to keep her identity, has made some very startling accusations. According to her, Gae is a sharp shooter – who may eat you (female) at any minute.

She told us a string of women that are worryingly close to him and lots of BED WORDS have been said about them.

Obviously, since we are not able to 100% confirm these allegations – we shall leave it as a Blind Item as possible.

Rahma Mbabazi aka Lucky

Lucky works with Capital FM. She co-hosts the evening drive show with Gaetano. But their closeness has been put under question. The things they do in studios portray a different picture. There has been a number of videos on social media where Lucky seductively dances with Gaetano while shaking her bum.

Rahma Mbabazi and Gaetano

It is so seductive and people kept asking what Lucky’s husband thinks. She shakes her body and one wonders what happens after that. Their body language is often misunderstood by their fans. Of course, they have come out to use “we are both married” excuse but the way we know Gaetano, there is nothing that can come into his way when he needs a chic.

Malaika Nyanzi

For this, we had rumours that Gaetano’s wife almost attacked her. We heard his wife threatened her to always dress decently well when co-hosting the breakfast show on Urban TV. Sadly last month she left the station. Malaika can never attend any town function with Gaetano.

Malaika and Gaetano

They are always both hand in hand. They normally do MCing together when even drunk. We wonder all that night where his wife could be. She has always denied their relationship and maintained work friendship but at times it gets too much. One day she called Gaetano too sweet on air and immediately the producer called for a short break after uttering out that word.

Abby the Big brother chic

It is evident they had a thing together. They openly made love in front of cameras. Abby had to even come to Uganda to look for the man. To the whole world, Gaetano portrayed Ugandan men as horny.

Abby Plaatjes and Gaetano

He couldn’t hold his horn until the end of the house. He had a woman home waiting for him. Abby confessed after the show that it was for real he loved the guy. Two months but kept looking into her eyes. That evening they were seen together at some Bugolobi hangout.

Enid – The wife

Enid and Gaetano wedded in 2014, but they have never had peace. They are in tabloids each and every time. There was a rumour that Enid and Gaetano were to divorce over of a child.

Gaetano and Wife

It is believed Gaetano or her is unable to have children. They have never come to terms to establish whose problem it would be. They are always on and off.

Flavia Tumusiime

During the beneath the lies season, Gaetano openly kissed Flavia in bed. It was an act of course but we couldn’t take it lightly. We know him. He can’t let that pass like that. Even Flavia can’t talk about their relationship. She always says, she can’t talk about Gaetano because he is her heart friend period. But For sure, they had a thing together.

Flavia Tumusiime enjoys a Kiss with Gaetano

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