Gilbert Bukenya Goes Bonkers, ‘Hires’ Strippers For Private Party!!

Gilbert Bukenya Goes Bonkers, ‘Hires’ Strippers For Private Party!!
Photo: Courtesy Photo 2016-12-14T12:27:26Z

 If there is any Ugandan politician that enjoys good life, it is former Vice President, Gilbert Bukenya.

Recently, Gilbert Bukenya got himself a GOLD MINE – after he hosted a private party. We can reveal the party was packed to the brim with sexyliciuos naked dancers for a private session at Kingdom Hotel, Katomi in Garuga.

Gilbert Bukenya partying hard

According to Howwe.Biz’s snitches, Vampino and Leila Kayondo were performers of the night and during the performances, naked women paraded their El Niño succulent thighs in front of the veteran politician which left him roaring like starved tiger.

Gilbert Bukenya feeling excited

One of the babes that attended the private session told Howwe, she made 500K in tips – for rub-dubbing Gilbert’s whopper.

 “I made him horny, left old man pocketing and salivating while begging more booty shaking sessions”, stripper told Howwe reporter

Gilbert has been known to host these private hotel stripper parties every now and then ... because, well, he's got the time and the money.

Using a long zoom lens, we managed to have some of the photos for the night and Good GAWD, it’s simply bloody!!

Ladies shaking their asses

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