Actually, SK Mbuga Tormented Leila Kayondo (more than once) -- but she STAYED -- Before the January incident!

Actually, SK Mbuga Tormented Leila Kayondo (more than once) -- but she STAYED -- Before the January incident!
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If you thought the January incident was exes Leila Kayondo and SK Mbuga's first fight that went public, you're just as uninformed as I was before reading a piece by one of our very own authors, Gee, that was published about 2 years ago revealing how the 'Awo' singer was slapped by the tycoon during their relationship that Leila herself always made excessively sentimental as a perfect one.

Their first public fight happened at Munyonyo based Auto Spa Bar after poor Leila learnt that SK Mbuga's new rumoured girlfriend, Angella Birungi, was at the same hangout and that he knew about it. The piece reveals how the singer went all psycho on SK before he apparently 'slapped the S#!+ out of her'.

In January, another fight was made public ... probably the worst of all celebrity relationship fights since Chris Brown+Rihanna. It was so bad it disfigured Leila's face and saw SK (Sulaiman Kabangala) Mbuga arrested by Police.

Following the fight, according to a New Vision report, SK was picked up on the evening of January 1 from a bar in Kabalagala, bundled onto a police pickup and locked up at Kabalagala Police Station where detectives preferred charges of assault against him.

SK Mbuga at Kabalagala Police Station after being apprehended by Police

SK claimed he had learn't of an apparent sexual relationship between Leila Kayondo and a Congolese tycoon. He alleged that on Dec. 31 2015, Leila went to the congolese -- whose identity was later revealed to be John Kabango, a solidier in the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo -- asking for money to celebrate her birthday which was on Jan. 1st, 2016. Mbuga said that the solidier gave Leila 10M ugx to go and celebrate with her friends.

SK was shocked when at around 1:00PM, he was alerted that Leila was having lunch with another man, at Speke Resort Munyonyo. He drove posthaste to the restaurant and indeed found the two having lunch.

SK Mbuga (in black) interacts with John Kabango after red-handedly catching him and Leila Kayondo on a date

SK Mbuga and Leila's fight caused a stir on social media with some comments condeming the tycoon's behaviour towards a woman, while others trolled Leila for being a gold digger ... after she declared that she had forgiven him and that they were getting back together. "It's clear that Gold digger doesn't want to leave all the expensive gifts behind." -- one social media comment read.

On April. 3, 2016, Bigeye reported that SK Mbuga slapped Leila Kayondo ... AGAIN ... after he lost his temper in front of the singer's friends while they were having fun at Auto Spa Fusion in Munyonyo. The website reports that after hours of partying in the night, SK got tired and asked Leila that they should go home but the 'Relaxing' since kept ignoring his efforts. He snapped!

That probably was the last time he got his hands on her. The infamous couple later officially ended their on-again off-again relationship.

Leila Kayondo still remains single and always hangs out with her rumoured lesbian girlfriend Hellen Lukoma.

SK Mbuga, on the contrary, moved on and took a notch up his relationship with Angella Birungi. Angella and SK have a child together, something Leila Kayondo wouldn't give him -- because, SK reports: "Leila always took Birth Control Pills before having sex with me".

Meanwhile, SK Mbuga and Angella Birungi are set for a lavish wedding very soon, and we've learn't that Sylvia Owori will be aiding the bride to be at the wedding ceremony. It's not yet clear what her role will be, but she'll be helping.

The Bride to be Angella Birungi and SK Mbuga, the Groom to be, their little princess and their Best man, Kasyata in Dubai

We'll keep you updated on SK Mbuga and Angella's wedding events.

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