Irene Ntale Parades Her Two Bonkmates

Irene Ntale Parades Her Two Bonkmates
Photo: Unknown 2016-11-12T11:56:29Z

Where the world is heading, we surely have no idea. Anciently it was a right only by men to be polygamous but with this fast developing world ...women have also chosen the life style.

You wont believe me but singer Irene Ntale carried both her men Ray Signature and Toniks to club Amnesia on Thursday.

The Sembera diva was set to premiere her latest He go down video and she was sandwiched by the two bulls.

Surprisingly, Toniks seems to be the most loved as evident with the chemistry in the picture. She kept on leaning so much on Toniks and avoided Ray Signature as much as possible.

She later performed for her fans at around 2am and then....problems yielded on who dubs during the performance.

Amidst her performance Ray moved out spitting venom and never returned leaving Toniks with the sole rights to the thigh land.  Toniks and Irene were spotted exiting the venue hand in hand at around 3am.

We are still wondering, are they officially back together.

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