MC Kats Dumps Fille, Parades New Lover

MC Kats Dumps Fille, Parades New Lover
Photo: Unknown 2016-10-21T10:29:10Z

The latest reaching our gossip desks indicate that MC Kats has dumped girlfriend Fille for yet an unidentified lover who is by the way cuter than Fille according to sources.

Apparently, the new couple was photo’d recently hand in hand in one of the city hang-outs.

The two lovers were super glued to each other for the whole night as they touched and kissed passionately.

Our source further tells us, MC Kats was heard telling friends that Fille’s love days are over.

‘Fille no longer wants, why should I stick to such a person. I have to move on, life is short so lemmi enjoy the little I have’, Kats was heard agonizingly telling friends

It should be noted; last week news of Fille beating Kats flooded the internet citing issues of infidelity.


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