Radio and Weasel's Ban from Club Rouge Repealed

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In 2010, Radio and Weasel were banned from Club Rouge after causing heavy damages that saw the club in losses of the destroyed property. This ban was issued by the previous club management. It though seems to have been revoked by the new management since the dynamic duo was seen last night entertaining the crowd and enjoying their time there like nothing ever happened.

Mozey is a reknown caos causer. Getting high on drugs and fighting is a habit to the "HELLENA" singer. The recent chaotic scenes erupted when he traded blows with his Ex manage Jeff Kiwanuka and Pallaso at Cassablanca bar a few weeks ago.

Legendary singer Maddox Ssematimba blessed the night sharing the same stage with Radio.

Maddox with Radio on Stage

It is also rumoured that Radio and Weasel have already hit the studios to record a collabo with Maddox.

After the ban was uplifted, Radio vowed to make Rouge one of his best hangout spots and also promised that he will be non violent.

Radio and Weasel at Club Rouge last night

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