Chameleone Fears To Perform Tubonga Nawe Song.

Chameleone Fears To Perform Tubonga Nawe Song.
Photo: Unknown 2016-10-04T07:15:11Z

Self-proclaimed Doctor Jose Chameleone turned down fans request to sing Tubonga Nawe song during the Gulu purple party session over the weekend.

Its should be remembered that earlier this year this song was used to praise the incumbent president during his rallies across the country.

However, due to the overwhelming criticisms received by the song that even yielded the Tubonga Nawe boycott campaign Chameleone had to think twice.

"I cannot perform ‘Tubonga Nawe’ here, that song was for making us money and we got the money so that was all.” exclaimed the Wale wale star when an excited fan begged him to jam it.

He continued to excite the revellers with his hottest jams like Pam Pam’, ‘Owakabi’, ‘Vumilia’, ‘Bomboclat Agatako, Mama Mia’, Jamila, Shida Za Dunia,  Gimme’ and lastly the fans’ favourite ‘Wale Wale.

Other artistes that performed included Dj Shiru,first rising duo voltage music and the host was Mc Esco

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