Exposed: Hidden Camera Catches Winnie Nwagi Dancing Naked.

Exposed: Hidden Camera Catches Winnie Nwagi Dancing Naked.
Photo: Unknown 2016-09-27T16:32:29Z

Winnie Nwagi has for the past few months been at the center of -- what seems to be staged -- controversy ... and it's no coincidence that a video of her dancing in front of -- what seems to be hidden (even though it isn't) -- camera while naked just showed up on social media.

Nwagi recently had her own used-to-be-an-escort-back-in-the-day photos leaked on social media, according to the source from which they leaked. The singer responded to the photos with a 'touching' social media post in which she revealed that she isn't shy of her past and won't be taken down because of what she may or may not have done before she become a music artist.

The post was welcomed with comforting comments and reactions ... but as is not surprising, she shared the 'touching' tl;dr statement as a caption on the post of her then new music video for her hit song 'Magic'.

The same source has now released a video of the singer dancing naked wearing only a t-shirt and white underwear. The source of this video claims it's a leak ... and that he had his own spy place a hidden camera inside the singer's room where -- by any means -- Winnie would be dancing just in front of while naked. What a coincidence!

The video was apparently recorded on the singer's visit to the US.

Watch the video of an apparent Winnie Nwagi dirty dancing in her room

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