Those Are FALSE Accusations, I did Not Beat RADIO — PALLASO

Photo: Unknown 2014-05-27T07:04:01Z

Pallaso has come out to tell the public how they should not make up stories just for the sake of making news and turnishing his public Image.

The "Obwesigwa" says there are two sides of every story and people have made conclusions even before listening to his side.

My day started with overwhelming false accusations about me beating up my brother Radio !!! Jeff.. Radio and Weasel are my brothers ..If they have there own disagreements thats their biz not mine..Me i love them all and we will continue to record music together..Kyoka Abamawulire...but the Almighty God didnt forget about me and here is evidence of his rewards !!! I am officially under the branding of DMARK and this is what my first biggest music check looks like !!! Thanks for your continued support !!!!##Stand4Pallaso



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