Bebe Cool, Zuena Celebrate 13 years of Togetherness

Bebe Cool, Zuena Celebrate 13 years of Togetherness
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Singer Moses Ssali, stage name Bebe Cool and wife Zuena Kirema celebrated 13 years of precious marriage on Eid day.

Most of you must be wondering when these two legalized their sex romps and why it’s new to many. Yes, these two exchanged vows in what is called a court marriage that was witnessed by a few people.

Unfortunately, as time evolved Bebe cool still insists he needs to do a modified marriage that will attract thousands of guests.

"Yesterday was a very special day for the "Cools", 1st it was Eid & 2nd me and boo celebrated 13years in marriage yes you read that right MARRIAGE...we exchanged vows at Crane Chambers,a ceremony that was witnessed by very few people.

13yrs and am still proud to call you my husband though you keep insisting on doing another wedding reception coz the last one was a small one 🙈,patiently waiting for that one too.

I love you my superman & praying to Allah for more years on this earth & to be able to see our great grandchildren.", Posted Zuena Kirema on her Facebook page.

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