Africell launches PakaBoom, the biggest and cheapest voice bundle ever

Africell launches PakaBoom, the biggest and cheapest voice bundle ever
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Ugandans will be delighted to learn that their favorite data provider, Africell, has today unveiled PakaBoom, the biggest and cheapest voice bundle offers in the country. 

According to the Africell Commercial Head, Mr. Milad Khairallah, PakaBoom Bundles will to give Ugandans the best offers in the voice market as they have in the data market.

‘‘Here is to a new dawn in Uganda! Today, we launch the biggest and cheapest voice bundles ever in the country. Ugandans will now get to enjoy the best of both worlds; they will wake up to great internet offers at the best prices and at the same time enjoy calls at the best rates ever. ‘‘ 

Paka Boom, as the name suggests, this is an explosive offer the like of which has not been matched on the market. Ugandans now have long awaited opportunity to close their business deals and connect with their loved ones without spending an arm and a leg in the process.

Africell has placed its PakaBoom voice bundle charges lower than any other offers in the market and with a variety of price offers. The PakaBoom campaign is unique because its offers will both be national and specific to the region you belong. The Paka Boom offer is as the below:

For 100/= a subscriber gets 3 minutes talktime, for 250/= a subscriber gets 10 minutes, 500/= someone gets 25 minutes and 1000/= the subscriber gets 24 hours of unlimited talk time.

To experience the offers, you have to dial *134*2# and follow the prompts.

Africell now cements its position as the most affordable voice and data telecom provider in Uganda following her successful story with SWIFT Bundles, Triple Data and the hashtag of the year #DontBeCheated.

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