Africell Launches Valentine’s “Double Love” Special

Africell Launches Valentine’s “Double Love” Special
Photo: Unknown 2017-02-14T08:45:53Z

With the dynamics of today, Love is found and celebrated on social media as if there exists no real life anymore.

It’s from such waves that Africell Uganda designed a campaign for all lovers, this Valentine’s season offering one of today’s most needed items—Data.

Dubbed ‘double love double data’, this offer is aimed at rewarding customers with two SIM Cards that have free data on every 3G and 4G data device bought from Africell stores.

Mr. Milad Khairallah, the Africell Commercial Director says this is largely a present to their customers to return share love with their loved ones.

‘’The idea is that if lovers have data, they can bond even more. We are offering them free SIM cards with free initial data to share with their loved ones. We are creating stronger bonds among lovers with easy communication,’’ Mr. Khairallah adds.

Sources have confirmed that this offer will be stretching all the way to the end of February.

Noteworthy, users of Caller ring back tunes will stand a chance to win one of the twenty 4G smartphones and enormous data in the ‘play your love promo’ already happening on various social media platforms.

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