Shame as Catholic Priest Evicts a Widow and her three Children

Shame as Catholic Priest Evicts a Widow and her three Children
Photo: Unknown 2017-01-06T09:37:26Z

Residents of Alebtong District are in shock after a Roman Catholic priest threw widow and her three children in the cold where they have reportedly spent one week.

According to residents, Ms Margaret Ajok, 40 is sleeping under a tree after her brother-in-law; also a priest allegedly threw them out of their only house.

Ajok claims that Fr Boniface Arapa who works in Kampala evicted them from the house they were occupying at Eri village in Apala Sub-county.

She adds that the house he allegedly evicted them from was built by her late husband, Jeje Otim, who died in 1997, and his widow Ajok has been living in the two-roomed house ever since.

The stranded woman says, Fr Arapa, who had come back home for the festive season, heartlessly forced them out of the building.

In an attempt to resolve the matter, last week the clan leaders reportedly convened a meeting, but the priest instead became very aggressive.

Fr Arapa when contacted explained that he evicted the widow because she had all along been conniving with her neighbours to steal his property, also claiming the contested house is his.

The shameless priest added he presented the matter to clan leaders, several meetings were held, but his sister-in-law has refused to improve.

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