Woman Viciously Attacked by Her Own Dogs

Woman Viciously Attacked by Her Own Dogs
Photo: Unknown 2016-12-30T09:32:15Z

The 47-year-old, who was viciously mauled on Saturday, December 24th, got a pair of pit bull dogs five years ago for protection after her house was burglarized several times.

Makhala, said she is puzzled by what made her beloved dogs turn against her. She said they loved her and they were always happy whenever they saw her.

She said: "I managed to tame them and fed them every morning before work. My dogs loved me. I would find them peering over the devils’ fork waiting for me after work. They would jump with joy as I entered the yard."

"I was shocked and realised something was not right. I screamed for help as the dogs started to attack. I thought I could get away by running into the outside toilet but that was not to be. They just tore into me.”

She explained that her neighbours tried to save her by spraying the dogs with water but it just made them more enraged.

"That actually made them more enraged. I was rescued by the arrival of the police who fired some shots."

Police spokesperson, Peter Kareli, who confirmed the incident said one of the dogs died and they are waiting for the owner to decide the fate of the other dog.

Makhala is recovering at Pelonomi hospital in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

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