Drama! Prostitute Runs Out Naked During S-X with Customer with Big P-nis

Drama! Prostitute Runs Out Naked During S-X with Customer with Big P-nis
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It was a sight to behold in Nairobi recently when a prostitute ran away during sex over her customer’s alleged huge sex organ.

According to multiple reports, the prostitute was shocked when the man undressed himself and was ready for the showdown. She was forced to run away from the house naked with her clothes, handbag and shoes in her hands. The incident which happened at a lodge in Nairobi’s River Road street has become the talk of the area.

The prostitute simply identified as Lynnette, is said was to always getting the best paying customers because of her beauty, and as punishment, her colleagues set her up with the man out of jealousy. She was new in the area and had within a short time, gathered a number of clients. However, this particular client was known in the area to have a massive penis and would occasionally visit the prostitutes but most times end up without being serviced as most the girls couldn’t handle him.

On this particular day, the man came and the girls sent him to Lynnette, but she didn’t know what awaited her.

“He is such a bedroom bully! We always give him unreasonable prices to put him off or out rightly avoid him for fear of his wrath in the sack,” another prostitute, who requested only to be identified as Caro, said in Swahili.

To avenge the loss of business occasioned by their new pretty colleague, the harlots maliciously encouraged her to tease the supposed bedroom bully for a session, telling her he pays handsomely. He quickly gave in. “Without knowing what was in store for her, she gave in and they went for a session. While narrating to us she said he claimed he was shy and thus insisted on switching off the lights perhaps to avoid her seeing the ‘big secret’ he keeps,” said the source.

According to Iharare, she told her colleagues that the moment she got down to business with the client, the going got so tough that she began to forcefully disentangle herself in a bid to break free and run. “Claiming that he was yet to get value for his money, the man kept going and forcing himself on her, even as she begged him to stop,” the source added.

After a long tussle and fervent pleas, the prostitute managed to break free. She grabbed her clothes, handbag and shoes before bolting out with the disappointed man, who had only managed to put on his trousers, in hot pursuit.

“We just heard her scream for help. Before seeing her emerge with her shoes and handbag in hand,” said the Caro. It was the lodging staff who calmed down the angry man. He is reported to have complained, claiming that he had been shortchanged as the watchmen and other staffers lead him out of the building

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