Arcades, Markets risk closure for ignoring COVID-19 guidelines

Arcades, Markets risk closure for ignoring COVID-19 guidelines
Photo: Unknown 2020-08-21T08:50:17Z

Arcades and markets in Kampala that are not complying with the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures, SOPs issued by Ministry of health will be closed in the next 7 days if things do not change.

The warning was sounded by Kampala minister Betty Amongi who said that if members of the public do not comply, they will make drastic recommendations when they meet the President before he addresses the nation next week.

She said there is a possibility of avoiding a localized Kampala lock down but if in the next 7 days the public does not turn around the current behaviors, things will change for the worst.

“We want to call upon the public that this is about your health, COVID is about individual responsibilities we cannot do it for you. However if we do not obtain cooperation from the public, we will be forced to make recommendations as a city together with ministry of health, what should be the way forward” the Minister said.

Adding that “Kampala is the sitting room of Uganda and whenever you are going to the bedroom you pass through the sitting room. So if we see that the sitting room is going to endanger the bedrooms of the houses, we might first ask that government gives time for the sitting room to be cleaned to safeguard the bedrooms of the house. We don’t want to get to that extent but it is only by cooperation from all of us that we can avoid a localized lockdown of Kampala” Hon Amongi added.

Some of the arcades risking closure include; Mini Price, Vienna Business centre, Boost complex, Arro complex, Naiga Chambers, Tropical complex, Senna Arcade, Masaka Jubilee all on Ben Kiwanuka and SB Plaza on Burton Street.

Other arcades that have ignored the Ministry of health guidelines are; King Fahd and Sun City arcade on Kampala Road, Lucky Complex in Kisenyi, and Serwaniko music centre on Kyagwe Road. 

Others are; Fabah arcade, City cetre complex, MM Plaza, Majestic plaza, Namaganda plaza all on Luwum street, Freeman foundation centre and BMK spare centre on Mackay Road, Energy centre on market street, Kiseka traders arcade, Moghadishu business centre, Katonga business centre among many others.

The minister also warned markets that have removed hand washing points, ignored social distancing among other SOPs that the KCCA teams are already on ground doing inspections.

“We want to warn all market leaders to re-instate water in the markets to ensure compliance with SOPs, if our inspection team finds that they have diverted water in your premises, you will be arrested and charged under the public health act” Hon Amongi said.

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