Vero Luggya (Veronica), known professionally as Vinka is a graduate of Makerere university with a bachelor’s degree in tourism. She was an artist manager to singer Irene Ntale during her stay at the Muyenga based record label, Swangz Avenue. Vinka fell out with Irene Ntale after the release of their joint song 'Stylo' is now a music artist and has released a numbe of hit singles like 'Malaika', 'Only Love You', 'In The Mood' and 'Overdose' ...
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The Official Ugandan Music Countdown: Weekly and Daily Music Chart

20 LD: 17
Sure Vinka
59 LD: 58
Red Card
Red Card Vinka
71 LD: 75
Luyimba Lwomaka
Luyimba Lwomaka Vinka
81 LD: 62
Mapozi Vinka
87 LD: 93
Omukwano Gwo
Omukwano Gwo Vinka
95 LD: 99
Only for you
Only for you Vinka ft Yung6ix