She was in P.7 when she sang backup vocals in Bebe Cool and Halima Namakula’s Sambagala duet. Almost a decade later, Rehema Namakula aka Rema returned as the featured artiste in the mega hit Cease & Seckle by her mentor Bebe Cool! Rema told Darius Mugisha about her life and her musical journey.
Where did you come from? We had never heard about you before your hit song.I was always there, at home, at school and as part of the ...
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21 LD: 20
Gutujja Rema Namakula ft B2C Ent
64 LD: 60
Be With You
Be With You Rema
68 LD: 78
Siri Muyembe
Siri Muyembe Rema
91 LD: 97
Touch My Body
Touch My Body Rema Namakula