Born on the 23rd of june 1993 in Kigali Rwanda, Mugaba is a multi-talented artist. He is a producer, songwriter and a singer.
In 2003, Mugaba moved to Kampala, Uganda where he finished his Primary education and High School. He later joined Makerere University Business School never got to complete his course as he later switched his full attention to Music.
Mugaba since childhood had a strong passion to make music, he used anything he could get his hands on to make music, as a way to tame his music appetite, his mother encouraged him to join the church choir which overtime served to nurture his vocals.
He actively started taking part in the music industry while still at campus and his abilities to sing, rap, write and produce at the Same time were quickly noticed by Akoyo Grace,  alias. Afrikane of Cosy Afrikane productions who offered him a management contract. He produced ‘In my bed’ which become a successful song both locally and internationally and garnered impressive views on YouTube. He went ahead and did ‘Faya’, ‘Langi’, and ‘Rewind it’, all successful songs.
Having worked with Cosy Afrikane productions for 17 months, their relationship ended in January 2020 due to reasons that were never publicly addressed.
Mugaba subsequently dropped his Debut EP titled "Better Me" which among the songs has Magnet the infectious Collaboration with the Ugandan Songbird Fille that enjoyed a lot of airplay on some of the prominent local Radio stations also charting in the top 20 on Galaxy FM.
In the month of July, Mugaba picked interest in the #inmybedversechallenge which was put up by The American artist/Actor Rotimi and on the 17th August he was announced winner having outcompeted many talented American rising stars. Something he commented on saying "We have a lot of potential all we need is a platform that embraces and suppprts our art".
Mugaba is currently working on promotional music videos for his already released music and also recording his debut Album that will be released mid 2021.