John Blaq

John Blaq


John Blaq is a Ugandan hip hop and afrobeat artist. he was born in 1996 in Jinja Uganda. He grew up with his aunt in a kampala suburb known as bweyogerere.His passion for music started in the early 2000s when he was still in secondary school where he often participated in a load of hip hop battles and never loosing any of them and this inspired him and his friends to pursue music further.   During his childhood years ...
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The Official Ugandan Music Countdown: Weekly and Daily Music Chart

1 LD: 2
Makanika John Blaq
4 LD: 7
Obubadi John Blaq
6 LD: 8
Replace Me
Replace Me John Blaq, Sheebah & Grenade
13 LD: 12
Don't Stop
Don't Stop John Blaq ft Daddy Andre
16 LD: 21
Tukwatagane John Blaq
23 LD: 23
Program Mosh Mavoko, VIP Jemo & John Blaq
24 LD: 29
Kyoyoya John Blaq ft Daddy Andre
39 LD: 46
Romantic John Black
58 LD: 76
Replace Me
Replace Me Grenade & John Blaq
64 LD: 66
Sweet Love
Sweet Love John Blaq & Vinka